eBoxingHandles Electronic HIIT training device
eBoxingHandles Electronic HIIT training device

eBoxingHandles Electronic HIIT training device

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ID No.:EBOX-01
The Best HIIT Cardio Boxing Workout for your home
A pair of electronic eBoxingHandles and your smartphone
Use It Whenever And Wherever You Want

Works with any smartphone or tablet.
Just grab the handles and wait for instructions. It automatically connects to your smartphone.

State of the art technology:
  • Bluetooth
  • 3 axis motion sensor
  • Vibration motor
  • Boxing Workout Software
  • Adaptive training control
  • Statistical analysis

What you get
Your eBoxing Handles package includes one pair of wireless battery operated electronic boxing handles (AA batteries not included) with built-in movement sensors and vibrators.

How to use it
To use this device you will need to download our free software from the Apple or Android App stores to your personal smartphone or tablet. The software communicates with your eBoxingHandles through seamless Bluetooth technology.

Begin Your Training
Simply grab the handles to start your training:
  • Select Guided Round for guided training and wait for instructions.
  • Select Free Round for shadow boxing and statistics.
The eBoxingHandles act as your personal boxing trainer, giving you a boxing workout with many new punches and combinations or the option to monitor your shadow boxing routine to provide a statistical analysis of your training.
Technical Specifications
Size:4.92 x 1.18 inch (12.50 x 3.00 cm) / handle
Net Weight:0.44 lb (0.20 kg)
Power Supply:2 x AA Batteries

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