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Full functionality OMI PEMF Full Body Mat with promotional Upgrade to the advanced functionality, increased intensity OMI PEMF Beyond mat

Posted by Istvan Magyar on 2/2/2023 to News
Full functionality OMI PEMF Full Body Mat with promotional Upgrade to the advanced functionality, increased intensity OMI PEMF Beyond mat

The full functionality OMI PADS PEMF Full body Mat is one of the most popular PEMF full body mats in North America. It's due to High quality combined with affordable pricing making the daily use of PEMF Therapy affordable and accessible for everyone. Now we offer the OMI PADS PEMF Full body mat with a very Attractive promotional upgrade to the advanced functionality OMI PEMF Beyond Product line.
- Purchase now a full functionality OMI Pads PEMF Full Body mat for $1,250!
- It comes with a Free OMI PEMF Medallion worth of $180 alone
- Free Fast Worldwide FedEx delivery
- Full satisfaction, full money back guarantee
- 3 years of full Manufacturer warranty
- Upgrade later to the OMI PEMF Beyond Mat for just $500

Upon upgrade you may keep your original full body mat and the Medallion and get the full OMI PEMF Beyond Mat for just $500 including delivery. You are eligible for the promotional upgrade starting two months upon the Purchase of the first mat.

For both home and professional use. Directly from the manufacturer.


Before you scroll any further, please take a minute and click on the link below to learn what our customers say about the OMI PEMF therapy!

Oxford Medical Instruments is a recognized and highly respected PEMF manufacturer and global distributor. For over a decade, we have sold over 100,000 PEMF full body mats and we’ve been providing the public with the OMI PEMF therapy mats and other PEMF devices at affordable prices.

We had conducted a 1,000 PEMF Testing and Evaluation campaign last year and requested our customers to share their experiences with us about our PEMF mats and devices. The results were beyond all expectations. A large number of people took advantage of the promotional price and purchased our mats. We have received numerous testimonials whereas our users were praising our devices and the benefits they got.

The success of our 1,000 PEMF Testimonials promotion has proven to us that the daily use of PEMF therapy is a real value to the people, it provides real benefits. It's not just a trendy fashion item to buy because the neighbor bought it also. Just 10 to 20 minutes of daily use is a real life changing experience. Our customers sent us their testimonials, they reported significant improvements in their conditions and in some cases fast and unbelievable recoveries. We got large number of Thank You notes as well. Of course we got a very few feedback from people who hadn't experienced any benefits. We were happy to refund them for the returned items.

Daily use of PEMF therapy will change your life for good!

The striking success of our 1,000 PEMF Testimonials campaign encouraged us to continue the promotion of our PEMF devices. We are committed to make PEMF therapy affordable for everybody. Now you may enjoy the many health benefits of the OMI PEMF Full Body mat at an attractive discounted price.

Don't get ripped off by thousands of dollars for a PEMF full body mat!


There are numerous companies out in the market offering PEMF Mats and devices. Their prices vary from $3,000 to $5,000, or going even higher up to the sky. They provide very serious, detailed reasoning that their prices are high because of the very complex and advanced functionality. Come on! This is just pulsating electromagnetic field. They built a huge fake science to explain the complex functionality of their devices and the unrealistic high prices. Their prices are high because of only one reason. This is their MLM (Multi Level Marketing) distribution channel. They pay huge commissions to their agents for explaining their fake science to their customers. Just ask them if they offer full satisfaction, full money back guarantee! If they don't, they don't really care if their mats help you, or not. They just want to sell it. Don't eat their bullshit! It's not worth it! Don't spend thousands of Dollars for the same thing, that you can buy for hundreds!

Own a full functional OMI PEMF Full Body mat for just $1,250. The price is inclusive of all delivery costs, all applicable customs and taxes. We ship via FedEx. Delivery time is usually two days. The Mat and all our PEMF packages come with a free OMI PEMF Medallion in the package. We offer an unparalleled 30 days full satisfaction, full money back guarantee. If you are not fully happy with your purchase you may send it back to us for a full refund. But according to our statistics you won't want to do that.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of daily PEMF therapy in the comfort of your own home

The PEMF mat can be used to improve a range of health conditions and problems. It’s a non-invasive, medically proven therapy that can:

  • Decrease inflammation
  • Accelerate bone healing
  • Reduce the damaging effects of stress 
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance blood oxygenation
  • Reduce pain

The OMI mat can be used to speed healing, decrease pain, and improve circulation all over the body including in the following areas: 

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Stomach

Because of the unparalleled success of our PEMF Testing and Evaluation campaign last year we decided to make PEMF therapy affordable for everybody.

Easy and convenient to use

The OMI Pads PEMF Full Body mat is very easy to use. You find detailed use instructions and recommendation up on our website. If you are new to PEMF therapy, for best results, please start using our mat as advised below!

How to use the OMI PEMF Full Body Mat

For condition specific frequencies, please click on the following link!

Condition specific recommended frequencies

The mat is very convenient to use. Just unfold it and place it anywhere you wish to use. You may use the mat on the floor, on top of your bed in a reclining chair, anywhere it's convenient for you. You may also use it as a blanket and cover yourself with it, or simply wrap around yourself.

Bemer vs. OMI PEMF Full body Mat

Bemer is the most well-known PEMF mat on the market offering the PEMF therapy to a wide audience for the last 20 years. They have generated significant interest and demand for the technology. However, due to the pricing structure of Bemer and the costly multi-level marketing network approach of selling Bemer devices, the mat is expensive and not available for the average people.

Oxford Medial Instruments made PEMF therapy accessible for everyone. The OMI PEMF devices are high in quality, effective, and affordable. The OMI PEMF devices use the same PEMF technology as Bemer and guarantee the same benefits.

If someone asks how the OMI PEMF compares to Bemer, we always say the same thing: If you have ever tried a Bemer device and found it beneficial for your problem, you will love our OMI PEMF mats and devices as well. And we guarantee that!

Reseller, Practitioner and Affiliate Programs

If you are interested in reselling our products, you may register a reseller, or practitioner account. You may do the registration here:

For Reseller and Practitioner account registration, please click here!

Make sure to select Reseller, or Practitioner account during the registration! Upon the approval of your account, you will be able to purchase our devices at discounted Reseller/Practitioner prices.

f you are interested in recommending our products to your clients, followers, friends, etc. you may also register an Affiliate account. Upon registration you will get a link that you may distribute to your clients, followers, etc. We pay you a commission after all sales coming from your links. For Affiliate account registration, please follow the link below!

For Affiliate account registration click here!

High, or low intensity PEMF therapy

You can opt for either the high or low intensity PEMF therapy. They differ significantly in terms of the mechanism and physiology.

The high-intensity PEMF is generally used by chiropractors and physiotherapists and gives you a strong vibration massage. Therefore, this option may give you instant, but not permanent relief from stiffed muscles.

The low-intensity PEMF, on the other hand, works on the cellular level. While it may not give you a tangible vibration massage, it will promote micro-circulation and self-regeneration processes. It gives you real healing rather than just blocking the pain signal. High and low-intensity PEMF are not competing with each other; they complement each other. If you visit your physiotherapist for a high-intensity PEMF therapy on a weekly basis and use low-intensity PEMF daily in your home, you are guaranteed a faster and permanent recovery.


OMI PEMF designed for maximum efficiency

For maximum efficiency the OMI PEMF mats and devices have been designed to best fit the findings of numerous peer-reviewed clinical publications on PEMF therapy. The OMI mats come with 8 built-in copper magnetic induction coils. The max field intensity is 220 µT (2.2 Gauss), which is right in the middle of the most effective range according to clinical studies. The frequency is adjustable from 1 to 99 Hz.

The OMI PEMF full body mat is an excellent choice if you look for a full functionality PEMF mat at very affordable prices.

Free OMI PEMF Medallion

Free OMI PEMF Medallion

Now we give a free OMI PEMF Medallion to all OMI Pads full body mat or any of our PEMF packages. The OMI PEMF Medallion has been designed specifically to stimulate the chakra and acupuncture points of the body to improve energy flow.

So, grab your PEMF mat today for $1,250 including shipping with the free OMI Medallion. Take advantage of our OMI PEMF Beyond Promotional Upgrade campaign!


Directly from the manufacturer.

Promotional Upgrade to the advanced functionality OMI PEMF Beyond mat!


The new OMI PEMF Beyond Mat is probably the most advanced PEMF Mat on the market. It comes with increased adjustable field intensity exceeding 1,000 µT, over 100 Preset Programs, unlimited Custom Programs, built in rechargeable batteries. It features adjustable waveforms, reverse polarity, wireless design and much more.

If you purchase the OMI Pads full body mat now, you can have the new OMI PEMF Beyond Mat in two months for just $500!

The New OMI PEMF Beyond

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OMI PEMF Beyond Introductory Offer

Own the Advanced Functionality OMI PEMF Beyond Mat
Now For just $1,590 instead of $1,990,

or the OMI PEMF Beyond Power Package
Now For just $1,890 instead of $2,400 regular price

Now We Give a Free Stylish Carry on Bag worth of $160 and an OMI PEMF Medallion worth of $180 to your OMI PEMF Beyond mat, or Power Package.

OMI PEMF Beyond Product Line

Own a high quality, Full Functionality OMI PEMF Full Body Mat for just $1,250 , or any of our PEMF Packages for just $1,350 with promotional Upgrade to the OMI PEMF Beyond
Including FedEx worldwide Delivery

Now We Give a Free OMI PEMF Medallion worth of $180 To all PEMF Full Body Mats & PEMF Packages

OMI PEMF Full Body Mat with promotional Upgrade to OMI PEMF Beyond

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