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Low-Level vs. High-Level Power PEMF

Posted by on 2/24/2019 to Oh My Health Education

difference between high and low intensity PEMF devices

PEMF-What is it?

According to Richard Harris, a biomedical research reporter and author of Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions

"conventional medical treatments cover only 7.14% of the 7000 known medical conditions"

What does that tell you? You have to drop your guard and start exploring the numerous benefits of alternative medicine.

PEMF, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy is an alternative and non-invasive way to help treat chronic pain, depression, injuries, stress and many more conditions that are hardly treatable with conventional medicine.

PEMF devices work by emitting electromagnetic fields and their goal is to trigger cellular resonance in cells, so as to propel the cells to respond to the source of energy. The discharge of energy targets the troubled cells and once it touches upon them it revitalizes the cells. It acts like a phone charger, except that it charges our cells. When cells' batteries are fully charged, cells become transmitters of energy. Hence the reason why you could feel a shift of energy to other parts of the body.

The benefits of treating your condition with PEMF devices are indisputable but you have to be aware of the fact that PEMF devices differ in strength; there are Low-level power PEMF devices as well as High-level power PEMF devices. Hence it is extremely important to fully understand your condition and its requirements, so as to choose the right one between these two alternatives. Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't use both of them simultaneously. Check out our beginners guide to PEMF devices for more information.

Technical difference between low-level and high-level power PEMF devices

The main difference between high-level and low-level power PEMF devices is in their power ie how much electricity (measured in volts) is generated to produce the magnetic field (measured in Gauss). Both of them transfer waves that pass through the cells in the problem area and increase the spin of electrons within the cells. Low intensity PEMF devices usually generate less than 1,000 Gauss while high Intensity PEMF devices from 1,000 to 50,000 Gauss. Hence, low intensity devices discharge way less energy than do high intensity ones. Low intensity devices use lower-end frequencies with the aim to hit and disturb targeted frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. Opposite of that, high intensity ones use higher-end frequencies that enables them to disturb and excite all the frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum at once.

Additionally, there is a difference in the way in which PEMF devices create the magnetic field. Some academic papers classify low intensity PEMF devices as resonant systems as through repeated waveforms they deliver the magnetic field. Unlike in high intensity PEMF devices, the process in low intensity ones is computerized. They deliver magnetic fields at set frequencies that generally maintain a particular repeating waveform in form of sine, square or saw tooth over prolonged periods of time. However, it is possible for this waveform to change but that change is almost insignificant to the form of the wave as a whole.

On the other hand, high intensity PEMF devices are classified as impulse systems as they deliver the magnetic field through impulses that are propelled by an abrupt release of energy. That's the point when the energy reaches its peak and it is the reason behind high intensity PEMF devices' ability to create energy in and around the cell. Afterwards, echo frequencies way weaker in size follow until the whole power is diminished.

Now that we've talked about the technicalities in which they differ, it is time for you to do a small task which is to create a list regarding your condition and its requirements as it is an essential part in deciding which device is more suitable for treating your condition.

Your condition, your requirements

The decision of whether to use high-level or low-level power PEMF devices depends on:
  • Severity of your condition
  • Time limitation (Long-term vs Short-term results)
  • Price of device

Low-level power PEMF device

Severity of your condition

With low-level power PEMF devices, cellular resonance is much less likely to occur because there is a relatively low amount of energy discharge that tackles your trouble spot. The frequencies produced are not induced as in high-level power devices. Instead, they pass through a couple of contact points to come to the right spot and in that process a lot of the energy is already released. As a matter of fact, there are some academic papers stating that some low intensity providers are not PEMF but rather PEMS therapy providers. PEMS therapy is a very low intensity therapy that is usually used in treating pain. As nerves are the transmitters to the pain, PEMS work in blocking those signals. However, as energy discharge is relatively low, it can only penetrate the skin between 2 to 3 centimeters. Or in other cases, it can completely diminish by the time it comes to the trouble spot.

Therefore, low-level power PEMF devices are not really recommended if you have a severe condition such as a serious injury of some type or stronger, persistent and unbearable chronic pain which is the number one medical condition. On the opposite, if you have a minor problem that requires longer time period to be resolved, you should definitely go with lower level power PEMF devices.

Time limitation

As low-level power PEMF devices discharge less electricity and the cells revitalization occurs way slower, they require way more time than high level power PEMF devices to attack the problem. With low-level power devices there is no particular mechanism which you can use to induce cellular resonance. Hence the reason why these are used to fight off smaller problems, such as sleep trouble or mild depression. But one thing is for certain, you need to have patience as effects from low intensity devices take time to show so don't be discouraged if you are going through the therapy and still haven't seen any measurable results. Research papers have already analyzed the time you need to go through low-level power PEMF therapy to combat insomnia to quick several session per day. However, to combat more complicated problems you need to do daily session ranging from 1 to 3 hours, multiple times a day. 

Therefore, if the severity of your condition is relatively low and you are not time limited, than undergoing a low-level power PEMF therapy would be ideal for you. Stress, sleep deprivation and depression are usual conditions for which the low-level power PEMF devices are used.

High-level power PEMF device

Severity of your condition

With its high dosage of energy discharge, high-level power PEMF devices are most likely to succeed in producing cellular resonance as the current of energy directly hits and tackles the problem. Unlike low-level power PEMF devices, high intensity ones attack the core, so it is not possible for electrical discharge to be completely diminished before it hits the cells.

The amazing effect of the high-level power PEMF devices has already been researched in many academic papers. When a large discharge of energy goes to the red blood cells it causes them to bounce, thus working towards improving the immune responses. On the other hand, when this current hits the white blood cells it induces them to increase in size and mobility, thus enabling them to be more efficient in capturing bacteria and other pathogens. Some research shows that this device can even eliminate floating cancer cells by stimulating the white blood cells.

Hence, it is recommended to use high-level power PEMF device for more complicated conditions or if you are keen on faster solutions. It is mainly used in healing injured tissues, and damaged bones and tissues. 

Time limitation

Patients using high-level power PEMF devices usually see results in a shorter span of time. The strong electric currents disturb the problem areas quickly, hence they react rapidly. That doesn't necessarily mean that your therapy would last for a way shorter period of time when compared to low-level powered therapy but It would definitely decrease the amount of time spend per day on therapy.

Hence, if your condition is severe and/or if you are time limited and want to experience the benefits of the therapy quickly it would be highly recommended to use the high-level powered devices.

Price of low-level and high-level power PEMF therapy

Because of the increasing popularity and usage, there is an abundance of PEMF devices, all deferring in price, strength, accessories, capabilities, life span etc. 

The usual modes through which low-level power PEMF therapy is taken are PEMF mats where you can lay down and you have full body treatment, or more portable options like PEMF rings that you can put around your wrist, head or ankle or PEMF pads. Most of them are for personal usage so they can be bought online or through an independent distributor. Hence why, the prices are lower than those fancy machines you need to buy for the higher intensity ones. An average price of a good-quality mat with great performances is around 3000 dollars. However the price may go up to 6000 dollars. Check out the most popular PEMF brands available in todays market. 

On the other hand, an average price of a high-level power PEMF device is around 30 000 dollars. The significant difference in price is due to the fact that these devices are strictly professional and can be found in professional settings such as hospitals. However, there are multiple machines nowadays that can be used for both, low-level and high-level power PEMF therapy. Before making a purchase be sure to read our article on the big PEMF scam!

Here at Oxford Medicals we specialize in all natural health and PEMF therapy. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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