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Oxford Medical Instruments aiming to make the age reversing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment available for everyone.

Oxford Medical Instruments aiming to make the age reversing Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment available for everyone.

Oxford Medical Instruments is a leading manufacturer and distributor of novel, unique drug free medical and wellness devices. The company’s strategy is to make expensive and rare medical technologies affordable and available for everybody. The world-renowned company made its name through its PEMF therapy product line. The company made these rather expensive medical instruments affordable for everybody.

The company aims to open up the world to hyperbaric oxygen therapy using the same strategy. This form of treatment recently made waves in the medical community due to provisional findings that it can reduce aging in humans. This form of therapy may just change the course of human life. So what exactly is hyperbaric oxygen therapy? And why does Oxford Medical Instruments want to invest in it?

It a treatment that was discovered back in the 1600s when a physician used it to treat the flu. He later abandoned it as it had no more applicable uses. In the twentieth century, the military then used it to first treat decompression sickness. This time tested therapy never looked back.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a form of therapy that requires one to be placed in a hyperbaric chamber where they are exposed to a pure form of saturated oxygen at very high atmospheric pressures. This exposure allows the body to absorb oxygen at a higher rate and disperse it to the affected tissues. A therapy session lasts an average of forty-five minutes.

The following are some of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Benefits of undertaking hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

  • Reverses Aging
  • A recent clinical trial conducted at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in conjunction with Shamir Medical Center indicates that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments in healthy aging adults can stop the aging of blood cells and reverse the aging processes. In the biological sense, the adults’ blood cells actually grow younger as the treatment progress.

  • Reduces the chances of vision loss
  • A common side effect of aging is the degradation of vision. Old age brings about blindness. By undertaking sessions of HBOT elderly patients can improve their eyesight. Exposure to high levels of oxygen helps the body open up obscured veins in the eye. This leads to an improvement in eyesight and peripheral vision. HBOT can also help younger people born with genetic mutations which block the retinal vein and artery

  • Chronic pain
  • This form of therapy helps people with pain disorders endure less pain associated with swelling and motor functions.

    Bone and mass generation
  • Bone and mass generation
  • Elderly people endure a reduction of bone and mass through interruption of blood supply. By exposing the body to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the body will be able to repair blood vessels which will increase blood supply and promote mass generation while reducing bone degradation and loss.

  • Hearing loss
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy causes the reversal of sensor-neural hearing loss. This form of therapy rejuvenates dead nerves and cells in the ear.

  • Decompression sickness
  • This is a condition that affects people who work at low altitudes such as miners and scuba divers. When they return to high altitudes without following the proper procedure, nitrogen particles to form bubbles in the bloodstream. Through hyperbolic oxygen treatment, the body can get rid of these effects and heal itself.

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Hyperbolic oxygen treatment helps heal the brain tissues by ensuring there is a rich flow of oxygen to the damaged-oxygen-deprived tissue. This in turn gets rid of the harmful oxygen radicals which are responsible for clogging up the blood vessels which restores blood flow to the brain.

    With these ground breaking findings Oxford Medical Instruments is working round the clock to ensure that the treatment is readily available to everyone. The company is on course to launch an HBOT cabin designed to be affordable. This will make the treatment easy to access and widely offered. They are also working on cabins that will be able to be fit in homes.

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