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Protect yourself and your home against viruses and bacterial infections

Posted by Istvan Magyar on 3/18/2020 to Oh My Health Education
Protect yourself and your home against viruses and bacterial infections

The outbreak and fast spread of the coronavirus has everybody talking. Different people are now advising on how to prevent the spread of this virus. However, other viral and bacterial diseases account for a significant number of deaths in the world. The lack of serious measures to prevent the spread of viruses and other bacterial infections is to blame for the recent cases of coronavirus spread. While people are now concerned with corona, it is important that better measures and devices are introduced to reduce the risk of more infections. Using air disinfectant devices remains one of the significant ways to prevent the spread of viral and bacterial infections. Read on to learn how you can protect yourself from corona and other viruses and bacterial infections.

Most viral and bacterial infections have adverse impacts on a body’s immune system. While anybody can have and fight these viruses, the elderly, and people with chronic illnesses are in real danger because of low or decreased immunity. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on avoiding such infections compared to curing them. Usually, the home, busy public transport, and your place of work are the most vulnerable sources of infections of any sort. The reason for this is that viruses and bacteria will die when exposed to cold and sunshine in the outside but in closed environments, these bacteria and viruses have no natural obstacles hence, they will develop rapidly.


The rate at which people are using home appliances such as air conditioners is high nowadays. While these smart devices are useful in a number of ways, they can equally have negative effects. For instance, forced cooling and heating systems will circulate bacteria and dust particles in the house.

Other dirt such as fur from pets and outdoor allergens will find their way into a closed environment leading to a high concentration of contaminants in the house. Based on this scenario, it is evident that the air we breathe indoors is filled with numerous contaminants that may include deadly viruses and bacteria. It is recommended that you disinfect closed environments that you use regularly. The best is to avoid infection rather than curing it.

Our essencAir is an air disinfectant device that is designed to kill all manner of viruses in closed and protected environments such as offices and homes. Using a high voltage – 12,000V - technology and designed to restrict pollutants, this device will keep your home and office free from any viruses. In addition, essencAir has the capacity to eliminate any bad odors in the home, generates negative ions, and has an adjustable intensity for efficiency.

Get essencAir today, disinfect your home and working environment and get protection from deadly viruses and avoid infections!

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