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Reducing Airborne Pathogens In Homes Using Air Purifiers

Posted by on 11/10/2018 to Oh My Health Education
countryside with clean fresh air and no disease representing an air purifier and how it cleans air

It’s difficult to accept the harsh reality that the air in our homes is polluted and poses risks of all manner of illness. Most people think that only the world’s largest cities face the problem of air pollution yet countries all over the world struggle with it. In a planet where the population is going up and the rate of industrialization is also up, we need to acquire the skills and devices to eliminate pollution-especially in our own homes.

Pollutants available in the air come from various sources and most of them are invisible, so you may relax thinking everything is okay. Sometimes a foul smell in the air will indicate the presence of harmful substances in the air. As noted, these pollutants may come from the most unexpected sources, such as pets and carpets. Air pollutants have been in homes for centuries, meaning the modern world has made the problem even worse with the thousands of chemicals and products that enter our houses.

Disease-causing organisms in homes

The United States Environmental Protection Agency revealed a startling statistic that the air in our homes is five times more polluted than the main streets of large cities across the globe, which puts us at risk of several medical problems. A roof, walls, a door and windows to let in fresh air may provide security from intruders lurking in the open but it doesn’t necessarily protect you from diseases. Viruses and bacteria thrive in the home environment which means there is need do away with them in order to prevent medical problems.

a woman covering her mouth with a breathing mask due to the high level of air pollution

Chances of us getting infected by these unhealthy particles are high especially for the seniors who have a weakened immune system. During the winter, it may seem a lot safer because viruses and bacteria cannot survive in cold weather. Yes, it’s true that the low temperatures outside will destroy them but our homes provide these bacteria with the perfect conditions for their survival.

Thousands of people catch flu every year. It’s difficult to tackle flu because flu viruses are constantly changing, so it’s not easy to tell its length, timing and severity in a particular year. The good news is there is a vaccine for flu, although it can only protect against flu viruses that are in the vaccines.

The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention claim that bacteria resistant to antibiotics (superbugs) affect more than 2 million in the country people per year, and leads to the death of 23,000 people. Urinary tract infections, skin infections and pneumonia are caused by these bacteria. What’s disheartening about these bacterial infections is that scientists are yet to develop vaccinations for them.

How you can reduce the risk of infection?

Despite the fact that there are some infections which cannot be cured completely, there are many ways to reduce the risk of getting infected. You only need to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, in which you; eating a balanced diet always, healthy sleeping patterns, properly handling food, exercising and washing your hands regularly with soap. There is, however, a high risk of infection for the whole family, those suffering from chronic infections, children and seniors with weakened immune systems.

Air purifiers

The use of air purification and sterilizing devices is a proven way to get rid of germs in your home and prevent many diseases. They may seem like new devices but they have actually been in use for the past two centuries. More families are acquiring these devices in order to get rid of airborne pollutants bacteria, viruses and pollen which are associated with several diseases.

You’re probably wondering what exactly these devices do to keep away germs. In case there is an infection or during flu season, your home needs regular sterilizing. Air purifiers produce ozone which destroys viruses and bacteria which enter your home from outside. They also bind airborne contaminants and enrich the air with negative ions in order to destroy bacteria and viruses.

an elderly couple enjoying the clean air in their house from an air purifier

The importance of ozone in air purifiers

The ozone is a crucial component in air purifiers. Its high level of reactivity gives it the power to interact with disease-causing organisms making them harmless in the process. The molecule has proven effective when it comes to elimination of harmful chemicals. Another important characteristic of ozone is that it is biocidal, meaning it gets rid of dangerous bacterial and biological contaminants.

You can get yourself an effective air purification and sterilization device to protect you from viruses and bacteria in our home. Air purifiers disinfect and purify the air in your home depending on the chosen operation intensity.

An air purifier comes with many advantages, which include:
  • Has low electric consumption.
  • It has no costly filters.
  • It has no moving parts, for some a natural salt therapy.
  • It runs quietly, and a great design.
Many air purifiers and sterilization devices are meant to be used in one room only to ensure its effectiveness though it’s advisable to place the purifier in the rooms that are used most (like the living room, kitchen or a child’s playing room).

We should take precautions to ensure that disease-causing organisms in our homes are completely destroyed. An air purifier will definitely save you tons of cash that would otherwise have been spent on drugs to cure diseases caused by viruses and bacteria in your home.

Choosing the right air purifier for your home isn’t a difficult thing. All you need to do is identify the family needs and you’ll get one that suits you. If you’re considering living a healthy lifestyle then it’s prudent to include an air purifier in your list of healthy-living products.

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