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The Most Popular Brands of PEMF Devices Today

Posted by on 12/17/2018 to Oh My Health Education
Dec 17, 2018 - PEMF Therapy

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There are a lot of PEMF devices on the market at the moment, so you’re spoiled for choice. This therapy is becoming more popular as people realize its incredible benefits and how simple it really is to use. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of the most used brands of PEMF devices. How does PEMF work?  

Portable PEMF Device

Portable PEMF devices are great for acute injuries or pain. You can take them to work or pack them in your suitcase when you travel and they deliver targeted pulses to the trouble area. Check our our guide on how to use PEMF devices? If you’re looking for PEMF devices on ebay or amazon, here are some of the most popular options:

FlexPulse Portable PEMF Device

This device has a variety of different programs with different intensities and frequencies. It’s most often used for acute injuries or pain and the coils can be attached to any part of your body for targeted treatment. Some of the problems this device can address are lower or upper back pain, neck pain, headaches and knee or ankle pain.
  • You can find these devices under PEMF device on Amazon, or go to their website.
  • They retail for 1,290.00

eroPulse Portable PEMF

This portable PEMF device is used to encourage healing and cell growth in particular areas of the body. It works really well to help repair damaged muscles, bones, joints and other tissues, but can also improve sleeping patterns and random aches and pains.
  • These portable PEMF devices can be found under PEMF devices on eBay.
  • They retail for $179.99


The EarthPulse PEMF device is designed to help primarily with poor sleeping patterns. It can be placed under your mattress at night and has a cumulative effect that also helps to sharpen your mental faculties and improve your healing and circulation. These devices are some of the most affordable available at the moment, which is why this is one of the most used brands of PEMF devices today.
  • The price for these devices starts at $399.00

man sitting on a pemf mat looking out at the ocean


PEMF mats are mostly used for chronic or long term problems. They deliver pulses that are designed to give long term relief and whole body benefits. There are a number of different types of mats, so make sure you do your research and find the one that’s best for you.

iMRS 2000

The iMRS 2000 is one of the most trusted and reliable mats in the world at the moment. It uses earth-based Schumann Frequencies and intensities and has a built in biorhythm clock. This means that the treatments it delivers can change based on your body’s natural rhythms. This mat is used to assist in the treatment of chronic diseases, inflammation, soft tissue and bone healing and regeneration, and sleep and mood disorders.
  • This is not a cheap PEMF device, and prices start at $3,575.00

New Bemer 3000

There are a few different version of this mat, with each upgrade sleeker and more effective than the one before it. This system can help support your immune system, activate better healing by improving your circulation, and enhance your overall health and your mental and physical functioning. It uses a variety of different programs, including one that can be active at night while you’re sleeping, as well as higher intensity programs meant for shorter treatments.
  • There are several different packages available with the Bemer 3000 and they start at $4,300.00

HealthyLine Tao Mat

This device is a newcomer to the PEMF field but it’s already making waves in the community. The mat incorporates semi-precious stones that act as conductors for negative ions and far infared rays (FIR), and when the mat is heated these are released. So basically, this mat supplies several different types of therapy at the same time. It’s used to reduce stress and anxiety, decrease muscle tension, encourage mental wellbeing, decrease pain, inflmmation and stiffness, and encourage better circulation.
  • This PEMF device is one of the most economical available at the moment and retails at $1,499.00, which is far less expensive than other similar mats.
OMI full body PEMF mat

OMI Full Body PEMF Mat

OMI products are probably the best choice among the aforementioned ones. The OMI PEMF products and their functionality are designed to best suit the outcomes detailed in the publications of clinical researches in this area. This ensures the highest efficiency delivered to the customers with high quality and without unnecessary expenses. The company offers 30 days full satisfaction full money back guaranty, which guaranties no compromises. 
  • This PEMF Therapy Mat is of high quality, effective yet affordable full body mat, its price is $1,250.00, which is inclusive of all delivery costs

These are just some of the most popular PEMF devices on the market at the moment, so try one and see how it works for you.


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