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What does PEMF Therapy treat?

PEMF therapy treatment

The world has evolved a great deal, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is here to prove that. Despite the claims that PEMF technology is the latest trend in the field of medicine, it dates back thousands of years. It has only been refined into a more complex device of administering the same electromagnetic waves that magnetic stones used to produce. 

This technology makes use of electromagnetic bursts that have been set at a specific frequency to improve your health. Research indicates that PEMF devices have been of great assistance to people with certain types of ailments and injuries. What the device does is that it focuses on electromagnetic waves to that particular body part and stimulates the body's natural activity to regenerate the tissue. Reducing recovery time for the patient. 

PEMF therapy was designed for athletes to enable them to heal much faster after injury so that they could get back on the field in no time. Studies on these athletes indicate that when using the traditional rehabilitation procedures, results were much slower. The results, again, increase when PEMF therapy is used. This device makes use of the concept that the human body works due to the electromagnetic field that exists within the cells. Human life itself ceases whenever this electromagnetic field ceases. This means that an injury on a certain body part suggests that the electromagnetic field of that part has been disrupted. PEMF, on the other hand, is used to align the electromagnetic fields of those parts and also quickens their functionality. 

What are the benefits of PEMF treatment?

When the body cells and more specifically, the energy cells are stimulated by PEMF therapy, their functionality quickens, and you start experiencing specific health benefits. With recharged cells, you start benefiting from all the functions that are brought about with the increased rate of their functionality. This can range from certain health conditions to behavioral pattern as you will note ahead. Be aware that you will get different results based on whether or not you use low-level or high-level PEMF.

As they rejuvenate the cell activities, they also minimize the aging process and live your cells stronger than usual. This is why electromagnetic devices have been found to be very outstanding and useful in the body's daily processes. Contrary to the hearsay that the PEMF therapy disrupts your cells like other Electromagnetic fields such as radio waves and microwaves among others. PEMF produces regulated frequencies of waves that can penetrate the cell, tissues, and bones without causing any destruction. This makes PEMF therapy very safe and beneficial to human biology however there are also some side effects that you need to be aware of.  

The idea that the PEMF treatments last for only a few minutes is also something to consider if you want to gain the benefits of this form of therapy. PEMF therapy is quick. It is very beneficial when it comes to changing the chemical and biological composition of your cells positively, thus boosting your immune system and other functionalities.

doctor conducting PEMF therapy research

Types of conditions that PEMF therapy treats

Below is a list of treatments that PEMF has been proven to treat. 

Relieve chronic pain

One of the main agony that arthritis patients undergo is intense pain on their legs. At times the pain can be too much to handle. Well, research indicates that PEMF therapy has been very useful to patients who were experiencing pain due to arthritis. The researchers indicate that it only takes a month or less and significant changes are observed. With PEMF therapy, you won't have to experience pain anymore.

Improved strength

What PEMF therapy does is that it powers the mitochondria thus initiating the respiration process that is very vital in the production of energy. You thus find that your energy is boosted a great deal. This is most beneficial to people such as mountain climbers, athletes and anyone who needs intense energy for his/her daily activity. Having PEMF therapy a few times a week can be very beneficial when it comes to helping you get the energy needed to perform your activities optimally.

Treatment of nerve fibers

Under the discipline of regeneration, PEMF therapy is on the forefront when it comes to regenerating some of the most important structures such as the nerve fibers that are situated on the spinal cord. This is usually a very important part of human's reception and sensory nerves. 

Helps in the trauma healing process

When undergoing PEMF therapy, a number of electromagnetic frequency will be aimed at the most affected part of the body. This will hasten the rates at which the injury heals. This is because the electromagnetic waves will work catalyze the natural function of the cells involved and thus the end result will be fast healing. With PEMF therapy, you will be back to work much faster. These results are more outstanding than any other traditional therapy can manage. This is why it is usually the most relied upon choice for any athlete who has been injured. You will find them going back to the field sooner than expected.

african man suffering from chronic pain

They help in the bone regeneration process

Among the numerous cells that PEMF therapy stimulates are the lysosomes. These cells are known to be the force behind the bone regeneration process. Their activation means that they will work faster than their normal rate and thus speed up the bone regeneration process. It is thus ideal to state that PEMF therapy is a very effective method of curing bone related issues such as bone fractures and other conditions that depend on the bone regeneration process. 

Treats rotator cuff syndrome

Before you understand how PEMF therapy treats rotator cuff syndrome, you must know what rotator cuff is. This is a very common problem where the shoulder tissues and tendons tear Thanks to PEMF therapy, patients with this problem can have a complete cure of the same. All they do is get subjected to the electromagnetic frequency for a specific period of time. The device will penetrate through the tissues and tendons, and they will do away with the problem.


PEMF devices are becoming more and more popular in modern medicine as more and more research comes out. But be aware to avoid the scams. Keep up-to-date the Oxford Medicals blog for more information on how you can benefit from PEMF therapy as we release information as soon as it is published.  

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