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How Does PEMF Work?

Posted by on 11/28/2018 to Oh My Health Education

droplet of water in a lake emulating an electromagnetic field in PEMF technology

If you’re thinking about buying a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) device, then you’re probably wondering how PEMF works. PEMF devices are designed to relieve pain, promote better sleep, and encourage faster healing. However, there are a lot of promises made in the health field, and it can be difficult to tell which to believe and which to ignore. To help you make the right choice and improve your health, here’s what you need to know about PEMF devices.


A Beginner’s Guide to Using PEMF Devices

Posted by on 11/28/2018 to Oh My Health Education

human body in xray format receiving electromagnetic pulses from PEMF therapy into his bones

Finding the right PEMF device for you is often a matter of trial and error because it will be based on your body and its needs. This can take time and feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the field of PEMF. However, if you want the best results possible from your purchase, then you need to do the research and understand the differences between PEMF devices. This will help you to make the best choice possible.


A Beginner's Guide to PEMF Devices

Posted by on 11/27/2018 to Oh My Health Education

male human body shown undertaking PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field devices or PEMF devices have been used for decades to improve sleep, speed up healing and reduce pain. These devices send targeted energy pulses into the body to stimulate the cells and encourage faster, but still natural healing. The devices are used all over the world and there are a number of different types available depending on your physical condition and complaints. If you’re struggling to choose between them, here’s what you need to know.

PEMF in New Zealand

Posted by on 11/21/2018 to Questions & Answers
sheep in a paddock in New Zealand
We get inquiries on a daily basis asking if we are supplying our OMI PEMF devices in New Zealand. Yes, we ship to New Zealand. All prices shown on our website are inclusive of all delivery costs, customs, and all applicable taxes. Delivery takes up to 2-4 days. We ship via FedEx. We provide 3 years of full warranty and lifetime product support.

PEMF in Australia

Posted by on 11/19/2018 to Questions & Answers
sydney opera house Australia
We are receiving numerous emails from people asking if our PEMF devices are available in Australia. Yes, they are available. We supply the Australian market directly from our website. Both private individuals and businesses can purchase from us through our store. All prices shown on our website are in USD and inclusive of all delivery costs, customs and all applicable taxes. Delivery time is very short. We send the goods via FedEx. Express delivery takes 2 days.
Our PEMF products come with 3 years of manufacturer warranty. We guaranty that your devices will be there for you whenever you just need them.

What is Energy Medicine? - PEMF Therapy

Posted by on 11/10/2018 to Oh My Health Education

young lady sitting down with crossed legs feeling the natural energy medicine of the earth

What comes to mind when you hear of “Energy Medicine?” Energy medicine is an approach to medical care which uses physics, rather than chemistry for treatment. The purpose of energy medicine is to treat physical diseases, mental problems and enhance the general performance of the body. The therapies heal the body through the activation of the natural healing energies in the body and revitalizing energies that are imbalanced or weakened. The therapies are generally divided into two categories:

  • Putative energy fields which cannot be measured and can only be explained in theory.
  • Veritable energy fields which are measurable.

How To Use Polarized Light For Clear, Acne-Free Skin

Posted by on 11/10/2018 to Oh My Health Education

women laying down in the grass with acne free skin while using light therapy

Acne is a common complaint for teenagers and people of all ages and can be devastating for sufferers. It makes people self-conscious about their appearance and can cause long-term problems in the form of permanent scarring. There are a variety of treatments for acne, but most of them use strong, dangerous chemicals and are still only marginally effective. A safer option is the use of polarized light. This is a natural therapy which has been shown to help heal acne affected skin without harsh chemicals. Because it encourages better healing it can also help to cut down on scarring. To learn if this therapy is right for you, we’ve created this guide on using polarized light to combat this common and persistent problem.

How To Relieve Your Chronic Pain With Electrotherapy

Posted by on 11/10/2018 to Oh My Health Education

woman suffering from chronic pain in her neck while sitting at a computer

Chronic pain is a common complaint these days. It can occur in any body part and can be caused by old injuries, illness, or just be part of the ageing process. Chronic pain noticeably decreases your quality of life, restricts your movements and even stops you from doing certain activities. There are a lot of treatments for chronic pain, including medications which are dangerous, addictive and bad for your overall health. Another option that might help you is electrotherapy, a safe alternative to painkillers that can offer short-term relief to people who suffer from chronic pain. To help you decide if electrotherapy is right for you, and to give you some idea of the different available options, keep reading.

How to use Polarized Light Therapy to Improve Complications from Diabetes

Posted by on 11/10/2018 to Oh My Health Education

woman with diabetes using light light therapy to heal her wound

Diabetes is a serious disease and its prevalence is rapidly increasing worldwide. The causes are complex, but most scientists agree that our modern lifestyle is to blame. Diabetes is often diagnosed only after the first symptoms appear, despite the fact that early diagnosis and treatment are key to prevent complications. Slow healing wounds are a common complaint of people with diabetes, and can have serious and even fatal implications when left untreated. To help you with that, today we’re going to tell you about Polarized Light therapy, a natural therapy that can help your body to heal itself.

Reducing Airborne Pathogens In Homes Using Air Purifiers

Posted by on 11/10/2018 to Oh My Health Education

countryside with clean fresh air and no disease representing an air purifier and how it cleans air

It’s difficult to accept the harsh reality that the air in our homes is polluted and poses risks of all manner of illness. Most people think that only the world’s largest cities face the problem of air pollution yet countries all over the world struggle with it. In a planet where the population is going up and the rate of industrialization is also up, we need to acquire the skills and devices to eliminate pollution-especially in our own homes.

Pollutants available in the air come from various sources and most of them are invisible, so you may relax thinking everything is okay. Sometimes a foul smell in the air will indicate the presence of harmful substances in the air. As noted, these pollutants may come from the most unexpected sources, such as pets and carpets. Air pollutants have been in homes for centuries, meaning the modern world has made the problem even worse with the thousands of chemicals and products that enter our houses.

Improve your breathing with salt therapy - Saltpipe

Posted by on 11/9/2018 to Oh My Health Education

woman standing in a field taking a big deep breath after her salt therapy

Welcome to Oh My Health Education, the home of natural health care options and information. Lots of people suffer from congested airways these days, and to help with that we’re going to tell you about salt therapy and a natural therapy you can use at home to improve your breathing.

Welcome to OMI Health Education Blog

Posted by on 11/8/2018 to News

Young women practicing yoga and looking healthy surrounded by nature

Welcome to Oh My Health Education, the home of healthcare options and advice that will improve your health and wellbeing naturally. If you’re concerned about your health, or have been suffering from illnesses without apparent cause, this blog will teach you to create a new lifestyle that’s in alignment with your body’s needs and the world around you.

The human body is a remarkable organism. Throughout its life it grows and changes, it heals itself when it gets damaged, and it survives through perilous conditions and situations. But that doesn’t mean that the body is indestructible. As you probably know, there are a number of things that can adversely affect your body and damage your health. That’s why we’ve created this quick guide to living a life that will help you heal and thrive naturally.