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What does PEMF Therapy treat?

Posted by on 3/11/2019
PEMF therapy treatment
The world has evolved a great deal, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is here to prove that. Despite the claims that PEMF technology is the latest trend in the field of medicine, it dates back thousands of years. It has only been refined into a more complex device of administering the same electromagnetic waves that magnetic stones used to produce. 

This technology makes use of electromagnetic bursts that have been set at a specific frequency to improve your health. Research indicates that PEMF devices have been of great assistance to people with certain types of ailments and injuries. What the device does is that it focuses on electromagnetic waves to that particular body part and stimulates the body's natural activity to regenerate the tissue. Reducing recovery time for the patient. 

Salt Pipes Treating Allergy And Sinuses Issues

Posted by on 3/8/2019
man with sinus issues
Salt therapy, commonly known as Halotherapy is a natural complementary therapy used to ease the effects of sinusitis. If you have ever suffered from this condition, you know how stressing painful it can be. The sinusitis condition is not completely unavoidable and in the last 5 years, studies have shown it is spreading rapidly among the population.

report released by Center for Disease Control, CDC show that of all the adults examined in the United States, 12.1%, which is approximately 29.5 million people suffer from this condition. The percentage may seem small but considering its only in the US, the data is quite alarming. Furthermore, untreated Sinus condition easily spread to the brain.

PEMF therapy for athletes

Posted by on 3/4/2019 to Oh My Health Education
running athlete
PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy uses bursts of electromagnetic radiation to heal bones and tissues and to stimulate organs. The technique has gained popularity among athletes because of its multiple benefits. Athletes strive for perfect health to reduce injuries while maintaining a heavy workout regime. Several have resorted to PEMF therapy to ensure that they are in the best physical condition possible for their sporting activities. Sports Journal says that PEMF therapy is "attractive to some athletes who are weary of the adverse effects of other products or procedures". In this article we go over the benefits of PEMF specifically for athletes.