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The best electronic training device ever designed for maximum workout experience


Give a Boost to your immunity! Make cardio Training part of your daily routine! No excuses, put yourself into better shape!

10 minutes of intensive cardio training with the eBoxingHandles every day will improve your health, your condition and energy level!

The eBoxingHandles are a pair of electronic smart handles which work connected to the eBoxingHandles app on your smartphone. It gives you an intensive cardio training. Daily use of the eBoxingHandles for just 10 minutes will significantly improve your condition, health and will help to preserve youth. It's highly recommended to maintain an active lifestyle even in the older ages.

The eBoxingHandles comes with an adapting training engine. It tailors the training to your condition, to get the most out of you to facilitate your progression. You will feel your growing strength and stamina even after the first few days.

Your whole body will benefit from the training with the eBoxingHandles. It stirs your body, abs, shoulders, arms. It stimulates the circulation in each and every muscles of your body.


For more information on the eBoxingHandles, please visit the site below!

A pair of electronic smart handles and your smartphone training app

State of the art technology

State of the art technology

The eBoxingHandles utilizes state of the art neural network technology and adaptive training engine. The Handles connect to the smartphones via Bluetooth.

For all ages

For all ages

The Handles are designed for all ages. It adapts the training to your condition. It automatically detects if you are getting tired. It works to give the best training and get the most out of you.

Enjoy the benefits.jpg

Enjoy the benefits

You will gain incredible strength and will feel stronger than ever. The eBoxingHandles will put you into a shape you have always dreamt of.

Training with the BoxingHandles

Just select your desired training program and let the handles lead your moves!

It will give you punching combinations to perform and instruct you via vibration signals in the handles.

Use it whenever and wherever you want it! You just need your pair of handles and your smartphone.


The eBoxingHandles

A pair of electronic smart handles and your smartphone

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