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Protect yourself and your loved ones!

Boost the immunity of your lungs and respiratory tracts with Breathing Salt Therapy!

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All Natural Breathing Salt Therapy for Asthma, COPD and all respiratory disorders And infections

We offer the original high quality porcelain salt pipes - natural respiratory aid for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory disorders.

Product range of saltpipes manufactured by Oxford Medical Instruments, natural respiratory aid

The Saltpipe Refillable comes pre-filled with a Salt Bag!

Salt therapy to cleanse, calm and disinfect the respiratory system. Breathe Easier naturally with the Salt pipe!

The active ingredients are salt crystals from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine.Curative properties of the Praid salt are well known and appreciated thanks to the existing therapeutic treatment facilities in the abandoned parts of the mine.

Briefly describing the physiological significance of the salt is that the salty air we breathe in through the Saltpipe induces natural self cleansing mechanism of the respiratory tracts. It cleans the superficial cells of the respiratory system, making them sweating and physically washes out all impurities to enhance breathing. Salty air kills bacteria inside the respiratory tracts.

The saltpipes big advantage is that we can use one anywhere, anytime,we can take it with us everywhere and they practically have similar psychological effect as the salt-therapy periods spent in a salt cave.

Breath more easily with the help of saltpipes manufactured by Oxford Medical Instruments

Ease The Symptoms Of Any Respiratory Conditions And Avoid Serious
Infections With The Power Of Breathing Salt Therapy!

Now we give two Salt Pipes for the price of one
High quality Original salt pipes directly from the manufacturer!


Want to know more about salt therapy and our Saltpipe Refillable?
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A testimony from Vinny about his experience using the Saltpipe Refillable Salt Inhaler

"Since I started using it I feel as if I am totally changed"

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