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Everything you need to know about Reiki and PEMF

Posted by Istvan Magyar on 3/3/2020 to Oh My Health Education
Everything you need to know about Reiki and PEMF

With the need for effective alternative medicine, many people are looking for therapies that guarantee whole-body healing. Combing Reiki and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy have been considered effective in modern energy medicine. Read on to learn more about Reiki and PEMF.

The Nature of Reiki and How it Works

Reiki, an ancient healing therapy, is rooted in both Christian healing and Chinese medicine. As an alternative medicine, Reiki healing complements Western medical treatment effectively. Over recent years, this treatment has become popular for its healing abilities. Nevertheless, many people are not aware of what Reiki is or how it works. Reiki focuses on the aspect of the body healing itself through tough. Reiki practitioners channel positive energy into your body, especially on given stress points. The powerful flow of positive energy gives the body an almost instant relief sensation by releasing the tension, lessening the stress impacts, and doing away with away with the negative energy and replacing it with the positive one.

Energy flow in the body

Notably, the body can heal itself through whenever positive energy is allowed to flow well. Often, the chakra points, commonly known as spiritual energy centers, enhance the flow of energy in the body, which purifies the negative emotions and removes the associated negative energy. Once the energy reaches the root chakra, it is directed upwards to the crown chakra where it enters the cosmos. For the effective flow of the positive energy in the body, all energy centers must be open. Therefore, it is advisable that you adopt better approaches to stimulating the proper energy flow in the body such as the PEMF therapy.

How to Stimulate the Energy Flow in the Body with PEMF?

How to Stimulate the Energy Flow in the Body with PEMF

The earth’s magnetic fields are essential to human life, especially at a cellular level. PEMF therapy recreates these fields to allow the proper flow of energy in individuals’ bodies. Usually, the electromagnetic exchange within the body cells ensures the effective functioning of the body. Any form of disruption on the electrical currents of the body can cause illnesses. PEMF ensures that the body’s electrical currents are functioning well. It restores any disruptions ensuring the cells are in perfect working condition. This therapy does not work as a cure but as a catalyst in the stimulation of the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself. The PEMF stimulation enhances the body’s ability in absorbing and distributing nutrients. It also increases the body’s detoxification capacity as well as its ability to regenerate healthier cells. The therapy does away with any impaired body cells while at the same that everybody tissue forms healthy cells allowing whole-body healing.

What Reiki Practitioners may benefit from PEMF?

Using PEMF comes with numerous benefits for both the individuals and Reiki practitioners. Any Reiki practitioner’s work becomes easy when they have clients with relatively healthy cells. However, while this might not be the case every other time, PEMF can help the practitioners achieve the required results within relatively less time and with little effort. This therapy reduces pain, improves motor coordination, and accelerates the repair process for bones and tissues. Additionally, Reiki practitioners will find the PEMF therapy useful as it is ideal for better sleep, flexibility, recovery of trauma, the elevation of moods, balanced state of the mind, and establishing normal organ and cell functionality.

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